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The story of OKAMI HD is modeled on an old Japanese legend, a legend in which an evil force has taken over the whole country of Japan and you, as a white wolf, have to confront this evil force and liberate different parts of Japan. You will be able to review the details and complete the purchase on the next screen. Players take control of Amaterasu, the mythical sun god in its earthly form of a wolf, and must seek out and defeat these monsters, returning colour and hence life to the area. The characters’ speech in the game is actually created by scrambling samples of voice actors’ speech, with more emotional lines being created from voice work given in that emotion. After Amaterasu and Susano defeat Orochi to save Kushi, recreating past events, Orochi’s spirit floats northward.

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Throughout the game, the player encounters several other characters that are inspired from Japanese folklore. Here at ROMs Planet, we make them accessible to everyone, from any device! This collection for PS2 roms games download is immense, so look no further. The gameplay is designed to jump over obstacles and fight the bosses, you have to go against a powerful boss at the end of each stage and overcome it. In some stages of the game you will also encounter puzzles that you have to deal with.

Okami 2 Game Download
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Waka appears to Amaterasu several times in the game as a beautiful young flute-playing man in costume resembling a tengu . He is aware of the goddess’s true identity, foretells her future, and at times battles with her. He leads the Tao Troopers whose members Abe and Kamo are based on the two famous onmyōji Abe no Seimei and Kamo no Yasunori.

When endowed with ink power, Amaterasu is seen by the player with red markings, cloud-like fur on her shoulders, and weapons on her back. Most of the human characters in the game only see her as a plain white wolf; some believe Amaterasu to be the reincarnation of Shiranui (the white wolf that fought Orochi 100 years prior to the game’s present), and do not recognize her spiritual nature. If the player depletes power by overuse of the celestial brush, Amaterasu will temporarily revert to this mundane white form.

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Amaterasu’s initial designs were aimed to avoid having the character look like “your pet wearing clothing”. The developers had considered having Amaterasu metamorphose into a dolphin when in the water and a falcon when jumping off a cliff, but dropped these ideas. Sakuya, designed around a peach motif, was envisioned with what were called “level 2” and “level 3” designs where the character would wear less clothing as the story progressed, but the “level 3” appearance, effectively naked, was vetoed by Inaba. Waka’s character was aimed to be a Tatsunoko-like character, with the hood designed to be reminiscent of those worn by the Gatchaman. The game is set in Nippon and it is based on Japanese folklore, beginning one hundred years in the past. The narrator describes how the white wolf Shiranui and swordsman Nagi fought and sealed the eight-headed demon Orochi at the cave, to save Kamiki Village and Nagi’s beloved maiden Nami.

  • Amaterasu regains her powers throughout the fight, but, after the fourth round, Yami destroys them all again and leaves Amaterasu in a near-dead state.
  • The story of OKAMI HD is modeled on an old Japanese legend, a legend in which an evil force has taken over the whole country of Japan and you, as a white wolf, have to confront this evil force and liberate different parts of Japan.
  • Is an action-adventure video game developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom.
  • In the case of games that use cloud streaming technology, only the free launcher application can be downloaded.

Amaterasu and Issun embark on a journey across Nippon, first arriving at Ryoshima Coast and Sei-An City, the capital of Nippon. There, they work with the beautiful priestess Rao, the legendary submarine Dragon Kingdom, and the reclusive Queen Himiko to rid the coastline and city of Orochi’s influence, including a demonic plague and retrieving a mystical weapon from a sunken trading ship. However, it is revealed that the real Rao was killed before Amaterasu arrived, and the Rao they had accompanied was the demonic fox god, Ninetails, who killed Himiko and returned to her fortress on the elusive Oni Island. Amaterasu and Issun defeat Ninetails, noticing that her spirit, like Orochi’s, travels to the icy northern island of Kamui. Much of Ōkami centers on characters from Japanese Shinto spirituality and legendary historical figures.

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