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The gels can create a surface that repels the player , increases the player’s speed , or allows the surface to accept portals . A critical feature of portals is that they retain the magnitude of momentum when an object travels through it; as stated by GLaDOS to the player in the first game, “Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out”. When portals are placed on non-parallel planes, this can create the effect of “flinging”. Commonly, one uses gravity to build up their momentum when they fall into a portal, which flings them out of the other side to gain speed and distance that normal jumping and running could not generate. A leapfrogging effect can be used by placing portals in series during this flinging, gaining further momentum with each use.

The Final Hours of Portal 2 is a digital book written and created by Geoff Keighley. Keighley had previously worked as an editor at GameSpot, writing several 10,000-word “Final Hours” pieces on various games where he visited the studios during the late development phases to document the creation of the game. One piece, “The Final Hours of Half-Life 2”, allowed Keighley to interact with Valve during 2003 and 2004 and talk with the staff as they completed work on Half-Life 2. Keighley wanted to recreate a similar work for Portal 2, with focus on making it an interactive work for the iPad.

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In addition to these characters, the game includes numerous laser-seeking turrets that seek to kill the player-characters, though are apologetic for it; most are voiced by McLain, though some defective ones in the sequel are voiced by Nolan North. Both games feature other personality cores that were constructed to keep GLaDOS in check; the first game includes three cores, the Morality, Curiosity, and Intelligence Cores, voiced by McLain as well as a snarling Anger Core voiced by Mike Patton. In Portal 2, three more such cores are introduced including the irrelevant Fact Core, the bold Adventure Core, and the space-obsessed Space Core, each voiced by North. The player is introduced to Aperture in Portal, which is said by Valve to be set sometime between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

Aperture Desk Job Game Download
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Preferably you should use the Day 1 build binaries of Desk Job which you can download by using SteamDepotDownloader and the earliest steam manifest. But you should still be fine on whatever build you may currently have. You’ll want to have played Portal 2 to get much out of it, and the controls will certainly make a bunch more sense on the Steam Deck, where it serves as a way to familiarize yourself with gyro aiming, the rear grip buttons, and the touchscreen.

A number of other mechanics, such as lasers, light bridges, tractor funnels and turrets, exist to aid or hinder the player’s goal to reach the exit. The crossover video game Lego Dimensions, which incorporates the use of Lego minifigures with a special gamepad, includes Portal-themed elements, as demonstrated during its Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 trailer. A Portal-themed level appears as part of the main story campaign, with GLaDOS playing a significant role in the game’s plot. A Chell minifigure was released that comes packaged with buildable sentry turret and companion cube; the figure unlocks an additional level and open-world area based on the series when used in-game. The Portal levels include Easter eggs based on Doug Rattman hiding himself away. The game also features a new song written by Jonathan Coulton and performed by Ellen McLain that plays over the end credits.

  • It teaches them the basics of the controls of the device in a fun way.
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  • The game is clearly meant to give people a quick explanation of the Steam Deck’s features, including the gyroscopic controls.
  • Then you can click on start_tools.cmd to start Desk Job in tools mode which should open the game in a small window along with vconsole2, convarhelper, and of course the Usual asset browser.

In February 2013, Valve president Gabe Newell and film director J. J. Abrams announced that they were to collaborate on a film adaption of the Portal series. In 2016, Abrams stated that the film was in the scriptwriting stage.

Aperture Desk Job Game Download

As far as the gameplay of Aperture Desk Job goes, the idea here is that it is there to teach people to get to grips with their new Steam Deck console. It teaches them the basics of the controls of the device in a fun way. It has that “Portal” wit and charm about it and I was smiling the whole time I was playing the game. The idea of the Aperture Desk Job is that you have just gotten a job at Aperture Science and your “job” is that you need to test out toilets. This game is actually set in the same universe as Portal so things are clearly not going to go as planned.

The phrase became an Internet meme, leading to numerous cake-related jokes, as well as its adaption as a term relating to a false promise. When writing Portal 2, Wolpaw stated that they were so sick of cake jokes that they purposely avoided any reference to that, save for one subtle nod. Several elements of the Portal series have entered popular culture, typically as bases for Internet memes. Portal Reloaded is a 2021 single-player mod for Portal 2 developed by Jannis Brinkmann. An early chamber in Portal 2 which includes art drawn by Michael Avon Oeming and Andrea Wickland as the in-game Rat Man character. The artwork depicts the events of the first game and ties in with the “Lab Rat” comic.

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